Non -Zense


The most amazing thing that never happened.
Years ago I walked into a bar in Dublin with a friend, what walked out a pint of Guinness later was not that which had walked in. Something indescribable seemed to have occurred. The perfume of that (non-event) pervaded the days after with such an unfamiliar but stunning wonder that I ended up visiting therapist to try and understand what was going on. In the following years I was buddhist for a week, an infrequent and reluctant disciple to some teachers/speakers of Advaita or non-duality before stumbling on The Open Secret ( There was a slow dawning of recognition that “this” was it/that thing. The following two pages seemed to arrive out of the blue recently and are an expression.......

I want to be special, to belong. I want an audience, to shine and be loved. I seek to make objects that have that certain quality and to be recognised by reflection as creator of their timelessness and thus a…

The Poogoda

Poogoda - Compost Toilet

......woven hazel, tractor inner tubes and miscelaneous  zinc plus an old bin lid....

test upload

Sometimes objects speak....


.....some years later I find myself living in a Bus in the woods....... it happened friends rented me a house after the breakup/ and sale of my mountain home and then proposed I might stay on somehow....
...things fell a part, and fell together again (seemingly).........
.......bussie, a 1989 Ford Cargo ex library bus was tattoo parlour and later a home for Iza in Lincolnshire, and now a home for me....
heating with a woodstove, solar panels  etc she provides small a cosy living space..... showers and washing clothes etc. happen in my friends outside sauna/loo
so much to be grateful for
a thin skin

homemade woodturning tools

improvised bowl holder
 irish grinder
 not quite ellsworth but good enough
 set up to grinder
 big hollower - car torsion bar 20mm diam
 cutting tips from old files
 4ft plus!
i was asked to post some pictures of homemade hollowing tools etc. the bars are 20mm torsion bars from a car breakers - heavy steel with little vibration, the curve was manufactured by cutting and assembling on the existing bend in the bar the handles are just hazel drilled and banged on, they end up under arm so do not need to be straight (no pilot drill in any case) the length allows me step around the big beam holding the centering arm of the lath which gets in the way for hollowing the cutting tips are from flat files ground into shape and the cutting edge finished with the home made irish grind jig, they cut well but need sharpening from time to time
subsequent tips made from car leaf springs, amazing steel, holds edge well

results on my web site

in progress....

...fumed oak/ash.......

series 1....

loving the oak

fresh off the lathe