On The Road

 Day Two 14th april climate change from yesterday, just packing the bike and i feel i am overdressed and need a shower before setting off , yesterdays layers may now seem like overkill and need stowing away .... a hotel lobby sofa provides a moment of respite before the drive down to barcelona, what i miss of course with van travel is the permanent access to a comfortable place to snooze and of course make tea! there was an option to travel with van and e bike, definitely an option  the idea for sardinia was that i avoid motorways and can just take short drives and be more local, the ferries doing the bulk of the essence 20 hours of ferries from Barcelona to Naples....the drive would have been 1500km , ok for some bikers three days but not this old dog and god knows what cost in petrol, motorway etc..... tricky to juggle the idea to "reserve" in advance, air bnb,  or let luck decide where i end up in sardinia... juggle the need to know versus the desire for th

Bike Trip

motorcylce touring , definitely and art, how much to pack and how.... heading for barcelona to ferry to sardinia and on to naples to do a dayskipper sailing training set off, cloudy, cold, spitting drops, into the pvc one piece a friend has lent me, condom suit, i can hardly move but at least am dry, and by the time i pass mirepoix to hot and starting to sweat.... by foix i had to go to decathlon and buy a merino thermal and fleece waiscoat....took autoroute to get to spain down to figueras from france is like moving to some bleak transit zone, endless trucks, abandoed industrail buildings, cracked pavements, the first hotel i stop at is semi derelict with attempts as the optomistic....i drive on and end up on somewhere clean and friendly if a bit outside my budget, i need sleep slept, breakfast with to many choices and that strange conspiratorial ambience of hotel dining rooms where each forms his her own bubble, the unlikely crossing point of the wayward...a sort of libra

middle of now/here

....random road stop, no context, just this random spot.... relief , ease..... like sometimes in train stations or airports that wider sense that comes when no connection or continuity..... what always, seemingly when the layers fall away....and a large pile of manure for the sceptics!


Non -Zense Essay/Attempt The most amazing thing that never happened. Years ago I walked into a bar in Dublin with a friend, what walked out a pint of Guinness later was not that which had walked in. Something indescribable seemed to have occurred. The perfume of that ( non-event ) pervaded the days after with such an unfamiliar but stunning wonder that I ended up visiting therapist to try and understand what was going on. In the following years I was buddhist for a week, an infrequent and reluctant disciple to some teachers/speakers of Advaita or non-duality before stumbling on  The Open Secret  ( ). There was a slow dawning of recognition that “this” was it/that thing. The following two pages seemed to arrive out of the blue recently and are an expression....... Bondage I want to be special, to belong. I want an audience, to shine and be loved. I seek to make objects that have that certain quality and to be recognis

The Poogoda

Poogoda - Compost Toilet ......woven hazel, tractor inner tubes and miscelaneous  zinc plus an old bin lid....

test upload

Sometimes objects speak....